TG construction provides comprehensive building services to our clients in Chennai, Villupuram, Pondicherry and all over Tamilnadu. Our experience in new building construction projects includes all types of residential, commercial, villa, institutional and healthcare projects. We undertake all types of housing projects as well as commercial projects and have completed around 100+ projects in 10 years time. Our company is one top construction turnkey company in Chennai , that exclusively caters to the design as well as contracting necessities and delivers the project with untampered quality within the stipulated period of time. We assist in arranging necessary bank loans for financial aid for smooth completion of the project. With an eye on cost-effective services and customer satisfaction at every level, from start to completion of the project, our team delivers the highest quality of solution to our customers.

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TG Constructions being one of the top 10 building contractors in Chennai takes pride in the success of affordable housing projects in Pondicherry, Villupuram, and Chennai. In this, aluminium formwork is utilized that makes the construction fast, simple, adaptable and very cost effective as it eliminates the need for costly plastering.

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TG Constructions has been in the field of Construction & Architecture in Chennai for almost 10 years now. During the course of time, from a few projects a year, the company has grown to a stage of handling multiple projects at a time, thus establishing TG Constructions as one of the best revered developers in Chennai. With growing years of quality & timely execution of projects, stringent adherence to specification and impeccable services, TG constructions has earned a reputation as a reliable company in the construction industry in Chennai, Pondicherry, Villupuram, and all over Tamil Nadu. Founded by self-made Entrepreneur, Mr. Thinaguru, TG Constructions has now emerged as the most successful construction firm in Chennai under his effective management.

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80+ Contracting Projects done in Construction, Interior & Landscape for Residential, Commercial, Institutional in and around Chennai.

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10+ Years in the field, satisfied enourmous of clients and their expectations.

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